Flatland Washes Railway Locomotives

A brief overview of the FWR's eclectic motive power.

No.1 Edam

The company's first small loco acquired cheaply from the Princes Risborough Locomotive Suppliers. Originally built by Aristocraft as a Critter Class shunter, "Edam", as it was renamed, was extensively rebuilt - mainly to make the door big enough for the driver to pass through.

Edam is due for a second rebuild of the bodywork to accommodate a new SLA power unit.


No.2 Stilton

No2 Stilton, a steam outline Peckett 040, is sadly in a state of major disrepair. Not so much in need of a rebuilt - more of needing to be built at all. Half the boiler exists.


No.3 Gloucester

This massive loco was acquired at a time when, luckily, the gauge (as in the track clearances) of the FR hadn't been set in concrete. Or, at least, not much concrete. This 4-0-4 monster rather dwarfs most of the FR rolling stock but is a good runner and especially useful when moving 400 ton mammoths.

Gloucester (or "Double Trouble" according to it's driver, Janus) is scheduled for re-engineering by the workshops are currently overloaded with work on other loco's.


No.4 Yarg

Completely in contrast to Gloucester, the Company saw a need for a miniature loco to run the tipplers of cheese ore from Bider Fens to the Wharf at Sallew. This litle 040 is a Koppel & Os..something assembled in the FR's own workshops from parts shipped from IP Engineering.

The motive power comes from a small electric picaxe - and has proved a nightmare to maintain. It's in for yet another rebuild.


No.5 Derby Sage

Derby Sage is the Company's first powered by Thermal Hydrogen Oxide Expansion. The loco was acquired at a time the Company's income had had a particularly good month (December 07) and Derby Sage was purchased new from the renowned Welsh Dragon Locomotive suppliers. It's an Edrig Class Accucraft.

Derby Sage