Cheltenham Science Festival 2002 - Photo Gallery

Cold Thursday and the team were invited along to the Robots Arena at the Cheltenham Science festival in May 2002. Here are a selection of photo's of the event. This might take a little while to load...

Left. The arena's in there. Honest.

In the right foreground you can just about make out the yellow of Panic Attack and the blue 'training ring' of Cybersnail.

Below. CT and the team.

Right. Noel and Simon.

Below. Some old friends - Chaos2, Panic Attack, and Skeletron. There were no battles at the festival for obvious safety reasons, but it didn't stop them showing off.

Below and Right. ... and adversaries. Io took the Gold at Technogames, and the CyberBees the bronze.

All photographs copyright K C Rolph 2002